7 Questions you will be asked in a UX Design interview

It’s impossible to know beforehand exactly which questions you will be asked in an interview, but there are some questions that you can prepare for. To improve your chances of success in an interview, we have compiled a list of questions that you may be asked in a UX Design interview.

How would you define User Experience?

This is a general question but, they are trying to figure out whether you know the basics. Give a specific definition that shows them who you are as a designer and your answer should be clear and concise.

What does it mean to be good UX Designer?

There is no right or wrong way to answer this question. They are trying to figure out what kind of designer you are. Show confidence and humility by demonstrating your passion for creating user experiences.

What is your design process?

Use stories to walk your interviewer through your projects. Explain how you have done it in previous projects. The goal is to explain the rationale behind your approach. To give your project examples some context you should touch on a few techniques. What methods did you use? Why did you use them? How did you progress from low-fidelity prototypes?

Who inspires you in the UX industry?

Talk about blogs/books that you have read, industry leaders that you follow, conferences and events that you have attended.

What are some of the biggest trends in the industry right now?

Demonstrate your passion and knowledge about the industry. They are trying to see if you can think ahead because that will make you an invaluable asset.

Tell us about a project that didn’t go as planned.

Tell them how you handled and resolved the issue. You need to find an honest answer that shows them what and why it went wrong, what you did address the failure and what you learned from it.

How do you deal with negative feedback from a stakeholder?

You need to show them that you can be objective and not take criticisms personally. Did you use the feedback to improve/change the design?

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