Top 5 Blogs for SAP Consultants and Developers

Best blogs for SAP consultants and developers.

Whether you’re a SAP fresher and are looking to take yourself to the next level, or an expert looking to keep up with the latest news and updates in the field. We have something for everyone on this list.

Reddit- SAP

The r/SAP subreddit is a great place for general SAP discussions whether you’re a pro or a newbie.

Google news SAP

If you’re looking for the latest news about SAP Google News provides a comprehensive up to date coverage for SAP, collected from different news sources all over the world.

SAP Yard

If tips and solutions are what you’re looking for SAP Yard is the place to go. On there you will find tutorials, forums and free video courses.

SAP Blogs

The official SAP , SAP Hana blogs and SAP News Centre are an excellent source of the latest information, news, press releases from SAP. You will find in-depth feature articles, trends and conversations. SAP employees, customers and partners around the world.

SAP Users

On SAP Users you can find connect, collaborate and network with other SAP users. And you can find the latest events happening across the UK.

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