Top 6 Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For

You may have a degree or a diploma and all your technical skills down, but that may only get you the interview. These are 6 soft skills that you need to get the job you want and help you keep it.

1. Communication Skills

There are people skills that cannot be quantified, like communication. And this doesn’t mean just having a nice phone voice or good writer. It means expressing yourself well, for example, persuading others in a presentation, being confident in your interaction with others and just being able to communicate with your team what you need

2. Problem Solver

What’s going to set you apart as a valued employee is your ability to bounce back when there is a setback. Which means having problem-solving skills. This includes resilience and strategic thinking.

 3. Adaptability

To succeed in most organisations you need to be able to be adaptable. Business process and strategies are constantly changing, so you need to have a passion to learn and the ability to grow and stretch your skills to meet the changing needs of the organisation

4. Confidence

Having confidence in yourself and your ideas is important because it means that you will be received better. You don’t have to be an extrovert, exuding confidence can be as simple as making eye contact.

5. Time Management

Time management and organisation were ranked number 2 in a poll as the second most in-demand skill. Managing your time effectively increases productivity and efficiency. Here is a list of qualities that are key to good time management.

6. Teamwork

Employers want employees that play well with each other. Not getting along with your coworkers can turn the work environment into a toxic place. Being an effective team member can sometimes mean being a good follower, a good team leader, communicating well with the rest of your team.

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