Top 3 employee benefits you should add to your benefits program

Do you know how to attract top-talent employees to your company?

A lot has changed in the past 2 years and the standard employee benefits such as no dress code on Fridays, or company laptops or phones just aren’t cutting it anymore. Here are some things to you can add to your benefits package to attract talent in the coming years.

Flexible, hybrid work arrangements

For some workers, spending time in an office and reconnecting with colleagues is appealing. Others have become more accustomed and feel more productive working from home. This is why it is great to offer flexible or hybrid work arrangements so employees can choose a work arrangement that suits them and allows them to work at their best.

Emotional and mental wellness programs

Considering all the stress each of us has endured during the pandemic, it’s fair to say, mental health benefits are highly sought-after by employees. If you’re looking to retain talent, make mental health resources easily accessible, and speak to your employees about what their needs are and how to help them. Things to include in a mental wellness program could be:

  • Having mental health first aiders at work
  • Mental health/duvet days
  • Counselling/therapy sessions
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
Development support

In many industries- especially IT, employees have to take care of their professional development. Companies can encourage employees to acquire knowledge and develop new skills by providing a training budget (for conferences, training, studies, courses, etc.), regular internal training sessions, and time for self-studying.

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