Diversity In Tech UK

Berkeley Square IT is committed to ensuring that the services we provide are relevant to the needs of all sections of the community and that our workforce represents the people we serve.

We aim to ensure that our services meet the varied individual needs and expectations of local people and that everyone has equal access to our services, regardless of their race, heritage, gender, religious or non-religious belief, nationality, family background, age, disability or sexuality. We recognise that our services must be relevant, responsive and sensitive and that Berkeley Square IT must be perceived as fair and equitable in its provision of services by our service users, by our partners and the wider community. We aim to ensure that our contractors and others who deliver our services also share our vision and values.

We also recognise that we work in a richly diverse community and understand the strategic importance of achieving a diverse workforce, which reflects that community. We undertake to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people by valuing the varied skills and experiences they bring to Berkeley Square IT; by investing in their training and development; by treating staff fairly and equitably; by combating harassment and discrimination at work, and by encouraging an honest and open culture which values the differences between us.

At Berkeley Square IT we recognise the important leadership role we have in promoting and encouraging tolerance, fairness and equality and in influencing other service providers and employers. Berkeley Square IT undertakes to work closely with local people, businesses, employers and our other partners to build a more tolerant, compassionate and respectful place in which we can all live and work.